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It’s the weather that made me do this.

Today is an incredible day. It has been snowing for most of the day. I am sitting looking out my window from the kitchen. I am looking at the deer as they make their way through the snow. It is days like this that make me happy I am not working. It is great to have days off when the weather needs to be enjoyed not experienced as something that will cause me to feel cold all day.

It is the first month of the new year 2017. I have plans. Lots of plans. I am looking forward to creating exciting changes in my life. I enjoy traveling and enjoy writing. I have not written anything for almost a year.

I took time out due to so many changes in my life. It has been a great time of reflection. I pulled myself off of most of the social media due to the intense overload of other peoples opinion. It is not that other people should not have an opinion. That is not the point. The reflection has to do with communication. What is it that I want to communicate? What is it that I have to share? What will I put out that that instills a sense of growth and appreciation.

Words are so powerful. Once you put out your statement to others it is there. It hangs like a beautiful painting or something toxic you want to get away from. My hope for this year is to create an atmosphere of support to all I encounter.

It is one thing to be able to be supportive of people who share your concepts or beliefs. It is another thing to be open and non-judgmental of others who do not share your concepts or beliefs. That is the quest I have set myself on not just for the year but my life.

When I started out studying  metaphysical beliefs it was easy to be peaceful. I only associated with people who shared my beliefs. Now, I am with so many different types of individuals who have an unique perspective to life. I do not always agree with their concepts however, it is not up to me to change anyone. I think living life by example is the best way for me to be.

With that being said, I wonder if anyone out there is up to the challenge of being mindful and kind to others. I do not mean being a door mat. I mean standing up to your convictions and not selling yourself short.

We are at a tremendous period in humanity. My humble opinion is that we either come together and celebrate our differences or we will continue to erode the basic concepts of being human.To me being human also means being humane.

I encounter so many people who are afraid of where this world is headed. They hold onto the fear like a talisman. I really like the acronym for FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real. Letting go of the fear of change is a good thing. For me it meant I was able to jump onto a zip line and go over a chasm in Hawaii. It’s seems like a perfect metaphor for what we are going through around the world today.Just let go and see where life takes you.

What takes my breath away these days. Everyone wants to be right. Everyone’s feelings are so important that  people forget to live and let live. If I do not agree with you it does not make me anything other than I do not agree. When did we start labeling people who do not agree with our opinions. The fine art of debate needs to be reintroduced to our world.

My biggest challenge these days with myself continue to be: “Whose thoughts and opinions am I experiencing anyway?” In the words of so many wonderful teachers and philosophers we are living in the world of illusion. We may believe we are original or have a belief that is unique. However, it it?

I sat down with myself the other day and wondered if what I believe really is my core. I had to sit and look deep into myself to find the truth about where I am in life. The bottom line for me is to be kind. I know that there are so many conflicts out there. I know you cannot imagine life away. That is not realistic. So the question is how do I become a part of the solution? I do my bit and do my best. I am definitely not always successful.

My question to you is the following: Are you really following your heart or what others tell you your heart is? What are your dreams for your future? What will you do to change to world that you live in?

When I ask these questions to myself. The world I live in includes my family, friends and neighbors. It also means anywhere I am. Well, I am about to turn up the music. Take the spaghetti squash that I have been waiting to cool and take time to just enjoy the rest of the day.

My wish for you is a very healthy, happy , prosperous and insightful new year.

Peace to you all,


Whats Does it Mean to Have a Burning Passion?


What is more important in life than the sun? What is more important in life than water? What is more important in life than being hungry? I was reading an article by Tony Robbins and thought about all the times in my life that passion has motivated me to do things that I would not normally do. My passion for deeper spiritual understanding drove me to study metaphysics at an early age. I was all of 15. That passion at times concerned my parents. When I was just eighteen years old and attending college. I made the command decision it was time to go to India on my vacation break and attend Darshan in Meherabad. I was working in a factory and at a music store part time. I saved my money bought my ticket. Received the most painful shots to travel to India. Secured my passport. To my surprise my parents asked me how much money did I actually have? I thought wow this is great. They will help me. I had $15 dollars. My father and mother then said,” Well have a good time. ” Surprised but not discouraged. I made my way to the airport and met up with my fellow travelers and made my way across the globe. We stopped in London, Frankfort, Kuwait, Cairo and then Bombay. (Not named Mumbai when I visted). I had the best time. One of the group leaders heard about my plight and I ended up with the Mayor and his wife who treated me like royalty. It was the best time of my life. They bought me gifts. I was even able to bring home a present for my father. A small brass animal.


A small trinket but all the same I brought my parents back some other tapestries. I collect small rocks where ever I go. The shot includes some of the precious stones I brought home.


Years ago, my mother explained how angry she was I was leaving. She made my father promise not to give me spending money. She said she was sorry. I never even gave it a second thought. When you believe in something things just work out.

My passion also allowed me to travel to England and follow my dream as a young woman in my twenties. My passion drove me to work in the music industry and become a road manager and audio engineer. My passion for being creative pushed me to work for Zoetrope Studios in San Francisco. Below is the link to my credit on the film. Well you will see.

Passion does not stop  there. Passion included love. Love means risk and even though the risk was present it did not stop me from exploring relationships. Some that were enriching and others that were great lessons in truth.

Passion means trusting your heart and being driven to accomplish things that would make someone else run away because having passion for what you are meant to accomplish sometimes does not turn out the way you dreamed. When you have passion for life you squeeze every drop from the day and make that drop feel as if it was the most refreshing glass of cool water you ever had after a hot day working outside. Passion means creating dynamic changes that your receive no credit for. You do these things because you know it is the right thing to do. Others may receive the credit but you know what you did.

This has happened to me with some of my writings and the contract I had with my dear publisher. It happened with a major music project with a very well known concert venue. Even though these glitches in life happen it does not deter me from the driving relentlessly towards my goal. My goal now is to create that community of others who have that same passion. I have a gift and it is time I share it again with others. My son just said to me today. “Mom, why aren’t you running your own workshops like you did in the past?”

Photo on 2013-07-31 at 09.10 #2

This brings me to the there for today! I will be running a workshop on that very topic and sharing when and where in the up and coming weeks. I feel compelled to share with others how to find that burning passion in yourself and set your world on fire. It does not mean burning down the house. It does mean firing up the rocket in your heart to make your life soar!