Why You Never Have To Buy A Timeshare

Hello and hope you are enjoying the ways and means to enjoy living large on a small budget. Listen for some of you its all about the game of being able to live large and using your hard earned cash for other things in life. For the percentage of you who have made your prosperity this lifetime its about being wise about your spending.

No matter where you are in your game of life I am here to explain to you the best ways that you can optimize your finances and enjoy visiting places you have only dreamed of. So lets first deal with the title of my latest blog.

I am here to tell you that there is a major industry in buying and renting timeshares. The industry of selling timeshares is driven by the excitement and promise of owning a premier property and then being able to deed it to whom ever you choose. It could be a family member or someone who is your significant other. I know as wonderful as it sounds they come at a price.

There is the point system and direct exchange of your property. They say you can use the property taxes on your taxes. I have never seen that happen. They (sales) say you will be able to vacation where ever you like by banking your points and trading here and there and it sounds like you found the Rosetta Stone to the code of travel and vacation.

Here are some of the caveats to owning property through a timeshare. Well first true you do have a specific date in which you are able to vacation every year. If you absolutely love Aruba and are willing to commit to it year after year well it might suit your purpose. However, if you add the cost of the property on purchase and the yearly maintanence fees range  from $750-$5000 or more a year it can be quite costly.

Options to buying from a hard sell salesperson. Well first go on your trip but be prepared for the HARD sell. Say no politely and really think about it. They do not tell you about the resale properties and that my friends is the secret about time shares. Individuals who for what ever reasons no longer value their timeshare. It could be any number of reasons. Buyers remorse, lack of funds, illness, or what ever the reason. So if you really love the property and can afford the yearly fee that rises every year by the way, then buy it.

Now for those of you who want to experience the Marriott or some other high end condo for a weeks vacation it would be better for you to go to a site such as Time Share Rentals. You are able to choose from a number of properties and they are not cheap. However, what you are looking at usually is the owner cannot go to their property and put it up for the yearly maintence fee.

That is right you can go on vacation to say Hawaii. Pick an island. Then see if there is a one bedroom which usually means studio with no kitchen or look for one that says  two bedroom which usually has a kitchen and it sleeps six. So if you have another couple to go with or have children it may work out for you. There are tons of rentals and you have the pick of the litter.

Most of the timeshares are set up with the quality of a luxury apartment building. They are furnished and have all the kitchen utensils one could ever need. Most have washer and dryers. Plan carefully and the money you would have spent eating every meal in a restaurant is covered by shopping and staying in for two meals a day. Even with two people think of the money you will be saving and then when you are going out you will not break the bank.

I usually make a point of asking the person who is working on the grounds to help me with where they would eat when they go out. I have found some incredible finds by doing this. If you hate going to the must go places and want to go to the places the locals do not want to become popular you will find the best food at the most reasonable prices.

Timeshares are a great deal when you are renting from an owner or when you are visiting and have a few days to enjoy the rental for free or at a greatly reduced price. There are always sales going on for potential owners. Just for grins and giggles look up the Marriott Timeshares and see the “Specials” they are having. You are not obligated to buy. However, you will enjoy the time you have at a great price.

On the east coast if you do not want to fly you might think about Hilton Head. Enjoy your life and enjoy your time off. One more caution about timeshare ownership. You are limited to when you are able to rent it is usually from Friday to Friday, Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday. No exceptions.

There is also a site Vacation Rentals by Owners. Look on line and start dreaming your dreams. Remember to never discount bed and breakfasts. I travel and never come home with credit cards screaming. Not my style.

There are so many things to share about enjoying the best for less. One of the most wonderful things you can do for yourself is continue to dream. I know someone who recently has had a complete change in their career and lifestyle. I want to extend to those of you who are temporarily not able to travel at the moment is to dream. Dreams are what life is made of. I know. There was a time in my life where traveling to the store was the only way I was going to travel. There was a time in my life when even thinking about travel caused me to shut down. I want to say this to you. When we lose the ability to dream we lose the will to feel good about who we are and what we need to accomplish in this life.

Life is an obstacle course that is for sure. Sometimes you can get tripped up on the branches. Sometimes it feels like we have twisted an ankle or life is not going in the direction you planned on. I am here to tell you dream. Write down your dreams. Like the salesman who drive a hard sell do not buy negative thoughts  that may be running round in your mind. You alone can take control of your thoughts. Events may seem to be taking control over your life however, the only thing you have control over are your thoughts and how you feel about yourself. Dream large and enjoy.

Share this with friends and write anytime….Peace to you Denise



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