The Way We Look At Travel

Have you ever wondered if you are going to visit the places that you have always dreamed of? Do you look at your wallet and say there is no way I can go to visit this place or that. It’s just a dream and dreaming is all it will ever remain.

I have the following questions for you. Since I enjoy writing about travel and finance there is another topic that is near and dear to my heart. The question of how long will you live?

That is right I went there. One thing about life is that we always assume death is a visitor that will come into our lives but we look at it as a destination that we see in the distant future. We base most of our decisions on the ability to block that out of our minds and look at either the present or a future that may not come.

I am not trying to stir an emotion of fear or morbidity. I just want to state a fact. Recently, I noticed that on many sites that I have been visiting the one thing they talk about in being frugal is to deny yourself and live on a shoe string budget. While it has its merits there is one thing they never take into consideration. It is that you do not know when you reach that magic age of 30, 40, 50, 60 or beyond will you have the strength, energy or health to do the things that you always wanted to do.

2011 I decided to put my dreams on the table and go for the big guns. I enjoyed so many trips with my son that I was almost traveled out. Is that even possible? This year due to changes within my life I have stepped out on my own and have a business that is doing well. I have to say. I will talk about that later.

Looking at my income, expenses and long-term goals I took a deep breath at the cost of my medical insurance and all the day-to-day bills. I must have looked like the RCA Victor dog. My head was tilted as if I was waiting to hear a voice from above. “Take a trip to see Mom.” That is what my inner voice said loud and clear.

So on the web I go searching all the flights that go to Del Rio, Texas. Let me tell you the only direct flight to that Texas town is Continental Airlines. The price from Newark Airport fluctuates. Sure I will look at other airport to depart from. It does pay to leave from airports that are within a 50 mile radius. There may be sales that you have not thought of. I also include in my cost  parking.

Many times I will fly out of Stewart Airport because of the price of parking and time on the Thruway out ways the $24 a day to park in Newark. Honestly if I am paying $60 more for a flight and the cost of the over all trip is decreased even by $40 that is more money for me to save or spend.

The cost of my final destination is also factored in. At times it is just cheaper to fly directly into San Antonio and rent a car for $60 and drive. The only issue with driving to Del Rio is that most rental agencies put a big warning that driving within 50 miles of the Mexico border is not recommended.There is also the border patrol that has a permanent building and stop along Highway 90.

The towns of Ulvalde and Hondo are speed traps. If they say 35 miles and hour just do it. They will pull you over going 2 miles over. It happened to me I received a warning because the patrol man happened to have worked in Jersey City, New Jersey at one time. We spoke for a while. He wistfully spoke about his days in Jersey and all the food I take for granted like Pizza. Seriously, that is what we discussed. After 20 minutes chewing the fat I was on my way. Factor in the 2 1/2 drive to Del Rio from San Antonio sometimes it is just not worth the so-called savings. Remember I have to make the trip back to the airport.

With that in mind many times it is a wash to fly directly into Del Rio and just enjoy the extra hours with my mother. Money is not everything. That leads me back to the original thought I began with. Travel, money and savings.

Life is short my readers. I am not saying go overboard and go into debt. What I am saying is if you really want to do something that is a burning desire that desire is there for a reason. Do things while you are working. You can always make the money back. Start saving right now for that trip to where ever in the world you thought you wanted. Research like mad. Look into all the bargains there are.

For example right now if you wanted to go to Iceland and were thinking about renting a car well visit the site. This car rental agency is offering a great price on rental cars to that beautiful country. Imagine flying to Iceland from Boston for around $675 round trip. Rent a car for the week for approximately $125. Look for bed and breakfasts to stay in or look to friends who might have time shares. Ask them if they would be so kind to help you find a deal. They are able for $75 on top of the getaway packages let you have a coupon to stay at an incredible hotel or  resort. However, if you have a car then you can explore like a native.

That was just an example so lets say there are two of you. If you travel the right way and book a trip 7 months ahead you would be able to pay off your trip in advance including the hotel or bed and breakfast. You need to have around $1000 or so for the week. I think in 7 months of being psyched and going on a vacation diet you can make it happen. You know the show the Biggest Loser. Well how about taking that concept and seeing how much your dream trip would cost and give yourself 6 months to a year to make it happen. This is the vacation diet. You would be the Biggest Traveler.

If you do this week by week  you will be surprised how much money you can save. With my handy calculator that is $416.66 a month. So lets see you would have saved $2499.99 that includes airline ticket for one, car rental and money for hotel plus $1000 of spending money! I never take a credit card out on my trips. I only use it for rental cars. Why go home with debt? Listen can you save $104.16 a week. Ok, let me make is so much clearer that is $14.88 a day. Really that coffee and lunch or dinner out with friends will always be there. Bring them over your house for a dinner. Someone brings wine. Go to the library and take out a DVD and enjoy your life.

Honestly folks. When I last looked no one promised you the future. I know for a fact that life is extremely fragile. Our lives are about fragile as an egg that drops out of our hands and crashes to the floor.

So what are you waiting for. Look up that trip. Go see your family, friends or new and exciting places. Plan and then just do it. Conversely if you have to opportunity now to go then just pay it off in the reverse plan of what I just proposed above. Listen folks my mom like all people well she is aging. The time I have with her is very precious.

What is more important to you? The love and the life you have now? Or the belief that you will live forever and life can wait. I worked as a paramedic for many years and know that life is short. You have no guarantees.

Feel the life flowing through your veins. Dance to the music of the never-ending joy that comes your way. Do not end up waiting until you retire to enjoy life. Live well and stay healthy. Oh yeah I almost forgot I have a new business. I have ventured on my own. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have a private practice and work with individuals, couples and children. I love what I do.

Feel free to contact me about my blog or any questions you may have. Life is large my friends but our lives move faster than the speed of light. Embrace life. Embrace yourself. You are the most loving person you will ever meet. You are the most interesting person you will ever know. Explore this wonderful world of ours.

My hope for you is that I am adding to your life. Take my tips about travel and try them out. I will continue to share what I have learned along the way. Peace to you all Denise

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