Travel and Doing What You Love To Do

Hello today I will be writing about travel however I also want to address something that is also very near and dear to my heart. There is a reason I write about about travel, personal development and money. It is because I am writing what I know about and have taken the time to learn. Life my readers is the best teacher in any phase of your life. It takes you out of the classroom and into the world which you live.

When you know you love what you do then you are not working. I have taken this to a new level in many areas of my life. Finding your joy is so much a part of our daily lexicon. For some it makes them say “What?” for others they say, “Ah!” Living life on life’s terms is not that easy when you have a basket full of things that you have to work on. However, if you are able to surround yourself with individuals who are supportive and really have your best intentions at hand you will find that you can move through any situation. Remember everything in life is temporary even our lives are temporary.

I was in contemplation yesterday and realized how I was casting a shadow over my accomplishments and joys in life. When we have something large or small we are faced with it really does “overshadow” our thoughts. It is having the capacity to pull back and recount all the good you have created in your life. Really go to a place when you felt confident, happy, loved or just peace. When you can anchor your thoughts and resume balanced thinking. That simple formula is true. Control your thoughts and you will be able to control your life. Not anyone elses but your own. Have confidence in yourself always.

So how will I blend this into travel today well here it is. How to get the courage to take the trip you have always wanted to on a shoe string budget. There are those of you who are able and have the resources to travel where ever you choose and when ever you choose. I will attempt to unravel the crazy world of travel and how to be your own travel agent and guide.

First decide how much money  you want to spend and how much money you need to save. My first choice does not depend on distance it depends on my ability to take time off and how to continue to have a flow of income while I am away. For those of you who have vacation time available plan your trips on a long weekend. Take off on a flight on Wednesday night take off  work Thursday and Friday and Monday. That will give you 5 days of travel and 4 nights at a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Depends on how good you are with lack of sleep on going back to work on Tuesday you can actually travel abroad for an abbreviated trip and with a little planning you can have the trip of a lifetime. I use all resources. As a AAA member you can have your passport photo taken for 75 cents ($0.75) that is correct people. They have free maps of various countries. You can buy their guide books and that is just a tip of the iceburg of their services.

Travel off season. I love to travel off season. The price breaks are unbelievable. You will not be missing anything traveling to Savannah, Georgia in the spring or the fall. The only thing missing is the heat. Not just heat but the door open to hades heat. I love Hilton Head and Savannah at the end of the season in September. Everyone is back at school and you have the beach to yourself and its still warm enough to go swimming. Think outside the box.

Buy your tickets either way ahead of time or last minute that is the only way to get a great price. Join Farecompare and look at Trip Advisor. I have been a contributing writer lately its fun. Make sure you are reading the review of a traveler and not a planted comment from a rival hotel or facility. It does happen.

If you are renting a car make sure you have a loyalty program attached to collect airline miles. I know I did mention this before but its worth mentioning always. Even in Europe and the UK when you rent a car it is not like the US. Get the full coverage and if  you are able to find the full and I mean full coverage in the discount price go for it. I have found SIXT as a great rental service in Europe. A small car for a week to ten days will cost around 475Euro. However that is with the full coverage. Why you may ask pay for the full coverage.

Well in Europe and the UK every little ding and scratch you are responsible for. That is right every ding and little itsy bitsy scratch and if you chose the waiver you will be billed directly to your credit card. I was standing at Heathrow Airport listening to a woman who was so upset. I had never rented a car in the UK before.She thought it was an outrage that she had an additional 100 British Sterling Pounds added to her bill for a scratch in the windshield.

I was so glad I was behind her in line. I signed up for the full boat. At that time I had rented from Hertz and it was quite a financial lesson. That is what made me research rental car companies thoroughly afterward I now realize that if you are going to travel and move about the country you need to know the strict rules and regulations in regards to that particular country.

So why rent a car? Well I added up the train costs, bus costs and other costs and for myself and my son it was cheaper to rent a car and travel around the country side. Besides it gave us a certain amount of freedom to go and stop and see small villages you are unable to see when you are on mass transit. Parking was not a problem. We usually parked for free at the bed and breakfast or hotel that we were staying in and used the metro system of the area we were in or just walked everywhere.

So that is that for today. Travel smart and plan well. I will discuss plane flights, best seats and best places that are off the travel radar to visit. Why not see things and places that you will hold close to you for a lifetime. Life is worth living even when you are having a bad day. Take care.   Write me anytime Denise

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