No Time Like the Present to Enjoy Life

There are days when I am not sure what is going on in life. There are times when I turn on the news and I wonder where are we headed. Then I do one important thing. I turn off the news. I walk away from my computer and I do something that is really very retro.

I decide to live in the present moment. That is right. I walk away from it all and make the command decision to sit outside and listen to the birds on the trees. I sit and watch the clouds and day dream. That is really where all living begins.

We need to just take the time to walk away and hit that reset button. I listen to all types of music. Speaking of retro enjoy this song for a moment and get up and dance. I understand that if you stand while you are on the internet or doing anything it helps increase your health. So take a minute and listen to the music.

I hope you took a minute to just put it in the background and just relax or get up and dance. I am very excited about the future. I have lots of travel plans up ahead. I will be sharing with you my thoughts and dreams. I hope you are enjoying the start of the summer and plan on enjoying the more important things in life.

Take a vacation from everything that is on your …it annoys me list. Life is too short to keep all that noise in your head. Relax, laugh and remake your life. Remember only you can make the life you deserve your own.

Peace to you Denise



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