Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Oxygen toxicity occurs when the lungs take in ...

Oxygen toxicity occurs when the lungs take in a higher than normal O 2 partial pressure, which can occur in deep scuba diving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the most read topics in the world is how to stay healthy. Weight loss is another big topic that relates to health. So how do you stay healthy and watch your weight when you are traveling?

There is belief by some, that being on vacation means anything goes. I know plenty of individuals that this is their idea of a vacation. Some people cannot wait to be able to do things in excess. We hear the slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Guess what? What ever you do anywhere has a ripple effect in your life.

I am not saying enjoy the food and have a good time. I am asking you is there any fun in having a hangover while you are on vacation? Some of you are saying yes there is. Why am I being a party pooper?

Well it’s your business how you manage your life. I am not here to tell you how to run your life at all. I do want to share with you how I see things. Vacation is a wonderful word. It means that you have time to either stay home and enjoy your life anyway that you chose.  Some of those things may be: finish chores, begin a new project, get in touch with friends, relax, mow the lawn, paint the house, the apartment, have a bbq, go fishing, camping, bike riding, hang gliding, scuba diving, etc..

I look at vacation of the continuation of my daily life just with visiting places that I have not seen before. Life comes at us fast. I try to the best of my ability to have down time daily. I have started working out again with weights and my favorite dvd Turbo Jam. Hey I am frugal in my everyday life as well. I bought a work out bench weights, bands and a collection of dvds that act as my in-house coach.

The “gym” is located in my laundry room and I take the time to make it happen. Its my health after all. Working out has taken away a lot of stress that builds up in the day-to-day of my life. I have also been meditating. Taking time to sit and reflect is very important. There is nothing like it for me. I also take time to go to church. That is for me and not to say that is what you have to do.

If you are not geared towards a more spiritual side then read what makes you feel relaxed. Take a walk. Stop and just be. The more relaxed you allow yourself to become the less likely you are to accumulate stress related diseases. The less likely you are to want to do things to excess. One exception to that rule is – you can never have more joy than you know what to do with.

So about going out on vacation and enjoying the moment. I chose to walk around most cities and try not to use the metro system if I can walk to my destination. I clock around 7 to 10 miles a day. I eat what I want and I never seem to put weight on while on vacation. I like to be active when I visit. Sitting by the pool and just sunning I can do that at home sans the pool.

Even if I am in the country side I am exploring. When I am in the water I am swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving. I have not been on my motorcycle for a while. That to me is a great form of meditation . You cannot be focused in on anything but the road in front of you and staying alert. Extremely relaxing.

What are the benefits of taking a deep breath and enjoying exercise? For one while you are away you will feel awesome. You can work out in your hotel room. I do push ups against the wall in the morning. I do squats and lunges. I also do a bit of cardio by doing jumping jacks or just dancing to music. Stretching and working out in the morning limbers up your body. You are never too old to exercise.

I now am working out harder. One thing I have forgotten to mention about vacation. Take time to laugh! Laugh as hard as you can. Put a big smile on your face. I cannot tell you how many wonderful people I have met just because I am usually smiling. People will walk up to you and want to know why you are so happy. True story.

Sometimes people share with me how stressed out they get on vacation. Why? Because you got lost? Who cares? Just enjoy.

I know things can get frustrating. On my birthday in Zaragoza, Spain I was having a great time with my son. While we were having dinner at a local restaurant we noticed a large group that was trying to speak to the waiter in English. He did not speak English so we watched. No one in this group could speak Spanish so my son offered to help them order their meals.  We were in the courtyard and it was a beautiful night. They were so grateful they asked us to sit with them and  bought us wine for the evening. The group was from England, Australia and the USA. They happened to be working for the WHO organization. It was a great unexpected birthday surprise.

The next morning we were going to Madrid. I went into the garage to grab the car and found I had a flat tire. Well after a series of phone calls that matched any Monty Python skit I had to use American know how on the laid back car company and had a replacement car within……..7 hours. So yes, I was a bit stressed. When I saw they had delivered and Audi that replaced my VW Golf I said, “Yeah baby.” Put the car in gear and my son and I zoomed down to Madrid at warp speed. It was a stress relief. Kids do not attempt this trick at home.

My stress was gone. I was listening to music and enjoying  the country side passing me by. I saw ancient aqueduct systems and modern turbine windmills. What a contrast to say the least! So stress does come but it goes. What is better to be all upset and waste time that you will never get back or to let it go? You can always make more money folks you can never make more time.

So relax, enjoy, and  take a deep breath. I am going to work out after I post this. After seeing that woman on You Tube. I have no more excuses but to get in shape and enjoy my life so I can get ready for my next trip. This year its Texas to see Mom as always, Kona, Hawaii, Palm Springs,California and Spain again. I do it all on a shoe string and because I do I enjoy the ride. Have a great day yourself.  Denise

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