Finding The Best Way To Make Life Work

Hello everyone. Today I am going to discuss how to make a plan for your trips. You see everyday we have the opportunity to live life to its fullest or just let the day whittle away. For myself I have been gathering information for my new book and find it really amazing at how many quotes, ideas and inspiration is just flowing through me, again.

I just got off the phone with a friend who works for Jimmy Buffett. She has been on the road for many years and has traveled to many of the places that I would like to visit. We both shared our concepts on what makes a place an ideal area to visit. For me its the people, the food, and nature. Sometimes its the buildings but always is there a beach or mountains close by. That is my idea of a great time.

So what drives wanderlust in a person? What makes it go from a dream to reality. Well my fellow readers it takes desire. Without the original desire there is no interest to get to your goal. Ah the goal. So how do you go about making your dreams come true? Well there are lots of ways that I know of first do as much research as you possibly can from books at the library to various websites that provide the information that you need.

You can also visit embassies, AAA, or just download what you need. Speaking to friends or people who have lived or visited the places you are interested in is also a great resource. So now where is your plan? Please know that you can do what ever you want to do. You just have to start. That is the hard part for most people. Have the dream and then the execution of that dream.

Start with how much you want to spend then get busy and make that happen. Look at the cost of first class, business class, and economy class. If you are going on a long trip well break it up if you have the time.For example traveling from an airport in New York to an airport in Asia is a very, very long trip.

Give yourself time to enjoy where you are going. Learn that it is ok to take a break stop off in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Hawaii. Spend a day visiting on either way or both ways out. You are allowed to have breaks or (legs) on your flight. Besides it gives you a new place to visit. Maybe you always wanted to see Hawaii or you name it just let yourself be in control of how you journey.

Do not stay loyal to your airlines if they do not give you a great price. I was checking flights to Fiji(NAN). I could go on United and be loyal and pay over $5000.00 for economy. Yes, that is right, economy! So I researched at who lands in the airports that I want to land. That is always a great way to start. Find out who flies in before you waste your time trying to match schedules.

I discovered that Pacific Air flies there. I took the time to find the reviews of the airlines and their service  however, its not receiving great reviews. The price was $1600 from Los Angeles. I looked at using airline miles to LAX(Los Angeles). It would cost me approximately 25,000 miles and $15 round trip. Hugh savings out approximately 20K miles but hey is it worth the $5k in dollars!

If you do not have airline miles then look to see which airlines are having promotions or specials to the places you want to visit. There are plenty of times where you can save a bundle by flying into the airports who offer the special. The only thing it is costing you is time. If you like to save your money for other things than the savings of $50.00 to $400.00 interest you then do your homework ahead of time.I would rather have the money in my pocket and know I have more to spend on what interests me than give it up to the airlines.

Back to the task at hand. Have an idea or a dream to know where you are going. Search out and research. Look at all your options. Decide on how much to spend on your flight, hotel, B&B, transportation and food. This will help you write out a game plan on how much to save weekly to make your dream vacation come true. Do not lose sight of your goals. What are you willing to give up in order to make it happen?

You have heard this all before. Buying coffee daily at $3.00  (figure you have a bagel or yoghert when your buy your coffee right?) a pop is $21.00 a( 7 day) week times 4 weeks is $81.00 a month times 6 months is $486.00. Lets face it on your days off you stop to buy a coffee. Some habits are just habits.

Bringing your lunch to work will save you an additional $8.00 a day so that is times 5 work days is $40.00 a week got the idea for a month its $160.00. Here we go again at 6 months its $960.00. Oh and that $1.00 tip you leave 5 days a week times 4 weeks times 6 months give you an additional $120. So lets add this up by just bringing in your own coffee, lunch and oh I forgot water. That cost is from .99 to $2.00 correct so let’s use the middle number and that is an additional $160.00 in six months. Where can you find a place to visit with the money you have saved. The total is $1686.00. That is correct. Add it up.

So grab a pen and paper or get out a notebook on your notebook and look at the endless possibilities. Imagine what you could save if you made your own dinner 6 nights of the week. The average night out costs between $30 to $75 a person. If you go out at least 2-3 times a week you are spending $90.00 a week on what? Make it once a week or just have appetizers instead of a meal. Drink water and cut out the wine. Go to a BYOB. You will save loads of cash.

Take that $30.00 a week times 4 weeks times 6 months and guess what that is an extra $720.00 for your trip. So lets add it all up. $2,400.00 saved. Your trip is paid for and you will not have a bill. Be creative and look at other ways you can save so you keep the money for your future. Well for another time.

Dream big. Enjoy life. Plan well. Life is best lived with joy.

Peace to you all .Denise

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